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Port of Melbourne to deliver a real rail solution

Farmers, exporters and importers will see real benefits from the delivery of a real rail solution at the Port of Melbourne.

Port of Melbourne CEO, Brendan Bourke, welcomed the State and Federal Government’s Port Rail Shuttle Network (PRSN) funding announcement that will improve rail connections to the Port of Melbourne.

Mr Bourke also commended the Victorian Government’s public commitment to work with the Port of Melbourne on its proposal to progress a comprehensive ‘on dock’ rail solution, providing efficient port access for all container supply chain users.

“The funding available through the PRSN is a good first step, but more is needed to deliver on the State’s objectives and industry’s expectations. We are determined to plan, invest in and grow the port freight supply chain to support Victoria’s economy,” Mr Bourke said.

“Government has been receptive to our proposal and we are keen to work with them to get the required certainty to enable us to invest.

“That’s why we are proposing a port rail solution that includes infrastructure investment and a new operating framework that will meet industry expectations and deliver a long awaited rail solution”, Mr Bourke said.

Port of Melbourne’s proposal is seeking to deliver:

  • New infrastructure to provide appropriate capacity and operational flexibility;
  • Restructured commercial arrangements to support an operating framework that drives cost efficiency and covers access rules and service levels;
  • Integration of the rail and stevedoring terminals to deliver real cost savings and supply chain efficiency.

Mr Bourke said that the Port of Melbourne would continue engagement with industry in regard to the operating framework of its proposal.

“With the support of industry and government, the Port of Melbourne is committed to deliver an effective rail solution”, Mr Bourke said.

“We want to take cost out of the supply chain and provide improved service levels. The community will also benefit with less trucks on the roads and the freeing up of precious road space for the commute.

“Farmers, exporters and importers will see real benefits of investment in a real rail solution.”


Source: Port of Melbourne

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