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Shanghai Containerized Freight Index

Shanghai Export Containerized Freight Index (SCFI) was officially launched as of October 16, 2009. This index reflects the ocean freight and the associated seaborne surcharges of individual shipping routes on the spot market.
  • Shipping routes, which are major container trade routes export from Shanghai to the following regions: Europe, Mediterranean Sea, US west coast, US east coast, Persian Gulf, Australia/New Zealand, West Africa, South Africa, South America, West Japan, East Japan, Southeast Asia and Korea.
  • Ports of destination: the base ports were defined in each individual trade route.
  • Type of price: it refers to the average final prices (volume weighted average prices) of space book on spot market by common shippers, which are not influenced by peculiarity of shippers’ enterprises or container volume.
Unit: USD/TEU (USD/FEU is for US West coast and East coast services)