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Ghana: Cargo Trucking Notes

Following the advisory published 28 Jun 2018 regarding Ghana Revenue Authority (GRA) – Implementation of Cargo Tracking Notes (CTN), ONE would like to update that GRA will enforce the implementation of Ghana Cargo Tracking Notes (CTN) with effect from 15 Oct 2018 based on shipped on board date.

Also, at the port of origin, customers are to obtain a pre-validated CTN and provide this pre-validated CTN certificate along with your Shipping Instructions (SI) to ONE, which will be updated to show on the Bill of Lading (BL). You can then validate the same CTN by attaching a copy of the BL and other required documents. A helpdesk function and live chat are available to assist in case you have any questions. Details can be found on the GRA CTN FAQs website.

It is mandatory for all shipments to Ghana to have a CTN number, without which cargo cannot be cleared at destination. Kindly note that ONE will not be liable for any additional costs, demurrage fees, penalties and/or delays in cargo delivery due to CTN non-compliance or amendments after CTN is validated.



Source: ONE

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