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DAKOSY launches myboxplace.de

With deadline July 24, 2018 DAKOSY launches the operation of the new platform myboxplace.de as the successor to the "virtual depot", which has been operated since 2016 by the Hamburg Port Authority (HPA) for the Port of Hamburg. DAKOSY intends to rapidly integrate the platform with the import and export platforms (IMP and EMP) for the Port of Hamburg and equip it with EDI interfaces in order to enable customers to significantly improve the process of reusing empty containers. The platform can be used throughout Europe and is not limited to the port area and country.

The customers of the platform include packing companies, freight forwarders, importers and exporters, and of course container shipping companies. The objective is to reduce empty container transports and to realize cost and time savings for all. Traditionally, packers or carriers bring their import containers after unpacking in an empty container depot. The containers remain there until they are needed by other logisticians for their export processes. About myboxplace.de this process is much slimmer. The packing company offers its unpacked import container as available empty containers via the platform online for a certain period of time. If another logistics provider reserves the container in the specified time window, the container can be transported directly to the empty container depot without stopping - of course always provided that the carrier also connected via the platform has agreed to the exchange process. If the transaction is concluded, at least one empty container transport is always saved, namely the deposit. It is even more advantageous for the so-called "self-turner", when released import containers are reused directly by the same company for export. Then the physical transport is completely eliminated and the customer achieves the greatest savings.

"The commissioning of the new platform completes our portfolio optimally. As soon as we connect myboxplace.de with our existing port community platforms, we realize additional synergies for all involved. The empty container handling is then seamlessly integrated into the transport process, "says Ulrich Wrage, DAKOSY Board member, summarizing the advantages of the new platform.

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