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Box losses don’t stack up. Part Three

In Part Two of Box losses don’t stack up the discussion centred around possible regulatory failures, including a look at the loading of ships and the bending of rules to allow more cargo to be loaded on board the vessel. The importance of this alleged over-loading will mean that the vessel handles differently and may increase the forces on lashing gear, that was originally designed to safeguard loads on much smaller vessels. Lashing gear designs and specifications have not changed since the early 1980’s.

The only changes to securing the cargo on board modern, larger, vessels is the widespread use of automatic twistlocks. Other than that the lashing bars and securing on lashing bridges remains the same today as the early ships in the container business back in the 1980’s. Given the lack of changes cargo securing on board container vessels, originally for ships of up to 3,000TEU, the forces imposed on this gear on a 15,000-24,000TEU ship could be too much for the lashing bars and bridges.

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