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Italy to join China’s BRI – Concerns raised by US & EE

Italy is already in advanced discussions with China in order to join Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) project. President Xi Jinping is to visit Rome later this month, where he is expected to sign a joint document with Italy on BRI partnership. Italy is seeing its participation in the BRI …

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US-China trade deal: The possible results

After the announcement of US government that it will delay the tariffs increase, hopes for a trade deal between the two global giants are rising. A possible trade agreement will be probably reached at the next meeting between the two countries’ leaders. Which will be the results of a possible trade …

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Asia to US box movement slows down

According to U.S. research company Descartes Datamyne, container movement from Asia to USA fell in February for the first time in 24 months. Boxes to the U.S from 10 Asian countries and regions decreased by 5.5%, which translates to 1.235.684 TEUs in February. It’s a result of the trade war …

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Trade war seems to come to an ending – But what happens with the global economic slowdown?

President Donald Trump said on Twitter on Sunday (Feb. 24) that the U.S. will delay an increase in tariffs on Chinese goods that was initially planned for early-March. Asian markets on Monday reacted positively to Trump’s announcement, but several experts pointed out that an easing of tensions between the two …

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Will US-China possible trade deal impact India?

India appears to be a winner from the ongoing China-US trade war, with its exports to China, driven by rises in agricultural products, marine products, and chemical products, set for a record in the 2018-19 fiscal year, which ends on March 31. But will the momentum be sustained throughout 2019? …

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US trade deficit with China narrows

The United States’ trade deficit with China fell US$2.8 billion to US$35.4 billion in November, led by a decline in US imports of consumer goods The data will be well-received by US President Trump, who has railed against the US’ perceived lopsided trading relationship with China. The United States’ trade …

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Smoke and mirrors in the trade war

The encounter quickly brought ties between the two nations to a seemingly new low. China and the U.S. are escalating their game of smoke and mirrors ahead of the G-20 summit, where Chinese President Xi Jinping and his U.S. counterpart Donald Trump are expected to meet. The leaders could sign a …

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EU is doing Asia-deals as trade war deepens

As President Donald Trump throws global relationships into turmoil in pushing his “America First” agenda, Southeast Asia’s biggest economy has seen an opening to increase its European trade ties. The EU has recently pulled off trade agreements with Vietnam, Japan, Singapore, Canada, across Africa and even Cuba and is actively negotiating deals …

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Chinese control of Djibouti Port alarms U.S.

Two prominent U.S. senators expressed alarm on Tuesday (Nov. 13) about the military and political consequences if China gains control of a port terminal in Djibouti, and said they were concerned it could further boost Beijing’s influence in East Africa. In a letter to Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and …

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Iran to sue U.S. for shipping sanctions

Iran will sue the United States at the International Maritime Organization (IMO) for sanctioning its maritime transport services, Mohammad Rastad, managing director of the Ports and Maritime Organization of Iran, said on Monday (Nov. 12). A complaint would be filed to the IMO in London next week against the “cruel …

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