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Rightship launches new safety rating system

Rightship, a maritime risk management and environmental assessment organisation, has introduced a new platform rating the safety ships, using a safety score and refreshed greenhouse gas (GHG) Rating, which are expected to launch in September.

“In this new model, we are moving from stars to a progress bar, to provide a clearer indication of how safe a vessel is and where there is room for improvement,” said CEO of Rightship, Martin Crawford-Brunt, commenting on the new Safety Score. “This system provides a more transparent view of how safe and sustainable a vessel is when compared to others in a fleet.”

The organisation, owned by BHP, Rio Tinto and Cargill, said that the new “all in one platform” offers both digital safety and sustainability solutions and provides greater access to its staff through improved functionality and workflows.

Source: Rightship

The enhanced offering is an amalgamation of Rightships’ comprehensive data sets, advanced analytics and the technical expertise of Rightship’s staff, according to the organisation, which highlights that all its services are now available through the new platform.

Rightships claims that shipowners can have control of their vessel information by displaying efficiency upgrades, the date of their RightShip inspections and close out for Port State Control (PSC) inspections and incidents all in one easy to use platform.

Shipowners will also be able to receive requests for information and upload required content directly on the platform.

Furthermore, Rightship has implemented a new transparent Safety Score which, according to the organisation, focuses on a vessel’s operational history, including incidents, detentions, deficiencies, document of compliance holder, flag and class.

The Safety Score is focused on the operational performance and gives the possibility to benchmark each vessel to see how it measures up against the global fleet.

“The new Safety Score is made up of sub-scores selected for their contribution to operational safety and shipowners’ ability to control,” stated Rightship.

The RightShip Safety Score incorporates various maritime data sets into one easy to understand score, based on 20 safety considerations and six sub scores, which provides an indication of a vessel’s safety performance.

“The safety score is an indicator designed to be used as one of many factors in the due diligence process and complements our vetting services,” Martin Crawford-Brunt explained.

He added, “Coupled with maritime expertise it allows for the assessment of a nominated vessel and the provision of a vetting recommendation for a Charterer. This means members of the shipping industry are able to undertake a complete risk assessment of vessel or voyage.”

The purpose of the Safety Score is to increase safety in the industry, by creating a level playing field for all vessels on the water, regardless of type, size or age. It allows industry participants to benchmark their safety procedures against the industry’s best performers.

Moreover, RightShip’s GHG Emissions Rating was developed in response to the growing trend of global CO2 emissions and the industry demand to improve efficiency. It offers a systematic and transparent means of comparing the relative efficiency of the world’s shipping fleet.

Each vessel that is provided with an individual GHG Rating, allows customers to compare a ship’s theoretical CO2 emissions relative to peer vessels of a similar size and type. Rightship uses an easy-to-interpret A – G scale, with A being the most efficient rating.

A clear breakdown of the GHG Rating, made available on each individual vessel page, according to an announcement.

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