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Friday, May 7, 2021
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Paris appoints Raison to progress Haropa Ports merger

Ports at Rouen, Le Havre and Paris have been in the process of merging for two years and now the former director general of Dunkirk Port, Stéphane Raison, now the first tangible step to unification will begin.

The new management organisation will be launched on 1 June 2021, and institution and it will led by Stéphane Raison.

In a statement Haropa said the progressive integration of the three port facilities will further the aims of the three ports to “build a competitive, sustainable complex, in line with the ambitions of France's maritime and port policy”.

Raison will be supported by the Ministry of Transport, Ministry of the Sea and Ministry of Economy, Finance and Recovery in his mission to develop the three ports into a single economic entity.

Stéphane Raison was appointed DG Haropa Ports on 16 November.

"This new stage is made possible today thanks to the work we have done over the last few months: draft strategic plan, preparing agreements with social partners, financial trajectory, governance, organisations etc. All those who took part in these discussions should feel confident about the quality that’s recognised in our work, for which we warmly thank them. As Chair of the Board of Directors of Ports de Paris, I will be following the implementation of the mission carefully," said Catherine Rivoallon.

Over the next five years Raison will refine Haropa’s strategy and finalise “the institutional organisation proposals”.

Appointed directly by Prime Minister Jean Castex to carry out the merger tasks, Raison said, "As requested by the Prime Minister, I will pay particular attention to the social dimension throughout this latest phase of preparing for the creation of the new institution."

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