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Mexico, new transport regulations

Please be advised that the Secretary of Communications and Transport of Mexico has recently enforced new Transport Regulations on moving trucks, as per the below details:

NOM-012-SCT (effective since 27 Jun 2018)
Regulates the authorization of all trucks to circulate on a Tandem basis within Mexico, by means of mandating truck vehicles to affix an official decal for this purpose.

NOM-087-SCT (effective from 27 Aug 2018) 
Regulates the working and resting hours of all truckers on the country’s federal highways, and mandates truckers:

  • To a maximum of 14 hours of driving per day (24 hours);
  • To receive at least 08 hours of consecutive rest time for every 14 hours of driving;
  • To receive at least 30 minutes of rest time for every 05 hours of driving; and
  • To record all the stipulated requirements in the trucker’s log book.

It is anticipated the above regulations will inherently result in truck shortages and extended transit times for the transportation of cargo in Mexico, thereby leading to delays in trucking appointments for store door pickups and deliveries.


Source: APL

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