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Maersk Line, Peak Season Surcharges

Maersk Line is notifying Peak Season Surcharges (PSS) of USD 300 for 20’ and USD 100 for 40’ applicable to ALL WOOD & PRIME PAPER cargo from Cameroon to Far East Asia and USD 100 for 20’ applicable to ALL GRAIN, RICE, FLOUR, SEED, NUTS AND VEGETABLE OIL cargo from Beira & Nacala (Mozambique) to Jawaharlal Nehru (India), effective from 1st September to 30th September.

For your reference, we have also included the levels and the rate structure for some sample corridors valid from today until further notice. These charges may be changed in the future and we will notify you accordingly.


Origin Destination OF OHC DHC SBF
20 DRY 40 DRY 40 HC 20 DRY 40 DRY 40 HC 20 DRY 40 DRY 40 HC 20 DRY 40 DRY 40 HC
Douala Haiphong 750 USD 1100 USD 1100 USD n/a n/a n/a 2400000 VND 3800000 VND 3800000 VND Inc lusive Inclusive Inclusive
Origin Destination ERS LSS PSS
20 DRY 40 DRY 40 HC 20 DRY 40 DRY 40 HC 20 DRY 40 DRY 40 HC
Douala Haiphong Inclusive Inc lusive Inc lusive n/a n/a n/a 300 USD 100 USD 100 USD


Origin Destination OF OHC DHC SBF ERS LSS PSS
20 DRY 20 DRY 20 DRY 20 DRY 20 DRY 20 DRY 20 DRY
Beira Jawaharlal Nehru 300 USD 100 USD 6650 INR Inclusive n/a n/a 100 USD
Nacala Jawaharlal Nehru 300 USD 90 USD 6650 INR Inclusive n/a n/a 100 USD
  • The above rates are also subject to other applicable surcharges, including local charges and contingency charges.
  • The above surcharge acronyms mean: OF (Ocean Freight), OHC (Origin Terminal Handling Charge), DHC (Destination Terminal Handling Charge), ERS (Emergency Risk Surcharge), SBF (Standard Bunker Adjustment Factor), LSS (Low Sulphur Surcharge) and PSS (Peak Season Surcharge).
  • These rates are unaffected by, and do not affect, any tariff notified, published or filed in accordance with local regulatory requirements.
  • For trades subject to the US Shipping Act or the China Maritime Regulations, quotations or surcharges that vary from the Maersk Line tariff shall not be binding on Maersk Line unless included in a service contract or service contract amendment that has been filed with the Federal Maritime Commission (FMC) or the Shanghai Shipping Exchange, as applicable.

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