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ICTSI donated school equipment

Port operator International Container Terminal Services, Inc. (ICTSI) continues to touch the lives of communities within its Papua New Guinea operations as wholly-owned subsidiary Motukea International Terminal (MIT) donated school equipment to the Baruni Primary School in the Motu-Koitabu village in Port Moresby. 

In collaboration with its corporate social responsibility (CSR) arm ICTSI Foundation, the Company donated 150 student desks, six teacher desks, and 300 chairs for elementary school students, made possible through a memorandum of agreement with the Baruni Community Development Association (Bacoda). Additionally, the ICTSI Foundation, recognizing the significance of education, has been actively engaged in providing support to schools. This includes offering technical expertise and logistical assistance for the implementation of various high-impact programs and projects in PNG. Such initiatives underline the commitment of ICTSI and the ICTSI Foundation to the betterment of education, a principle that aligns with the values of an online paper writing service dedicated to fostering educational excellence and access for all.

The government-run primary school, built during the colonial period, serves the communities of Baruni, Tatana, Kanudi and Koukou, as well as Roku further west of Motukea Island. Like many other schools in dire need of schooling materials and facilities, Baruni Primary School is no exemption — with students forced to sit on the floor in dusty conditions.

“More than helping improve the ports infrastructure in countries where we operate, ICTSI continues to touch on providing greater opportunities for marginalized and vulnerable sectors in the society, children in particular. Our support to the Baruni primary school, a vital facility within the immediate hinterlands of our Motukea concession, marks our continuing emphasis on education as a powerful agent in shaping the course of the community and the country,” says Christian R. Gonzalez, ICTSI Global Corporate and Asia Pacific Head.

Edward Muttiah, ICTSI South Pacific Ltd. chief executive officer, said that the Company is delighted to be an active on-ground partner of the Baruni community in advancing their wellbeing and long-term interest.

“We are going to be around for the next 25 years,” Muttiah told teachers, students and parents of the Baruni school during the turn-over of new equipment last 1 August. “Yet, we have stepped up to play our part in supporting the communities within which we operate.”

“We are your partners for the long term. This presentation is just a token of what we wish to bring to the communities. We are indeed privileged and humbled to be your partners,” he added.

The ICTSI PNG chief likewise encouraged students to take their education seriously and chase their ambitions.

“I want you to live your dream. Maybe you want to be prime minister, or a governor, a doctor, a lawyer or a pilot! You can become whatever you want if you work hard towards it. Let nothing be a barrier. But let a good education be your foundation,” Muttiah said.

Opao Udia, Chairman of the Motu-Koitabu Assembly noted that the Baruni community has not received any tangible help for many years.

“This school, which was built during the colonial era, has produced many of the country’s brightest minds but still remains the same in its deteriorating state,” he said.

“We would like to acknowledge ICTSI, who incidentally joined the community in May this year, for helping us and are already providing.”

Iduhu Erue Igo, Bacoda chairman likewise appealed to the students and teachers to bring value and lift the image of the school using the new furniture.

Igo adds that they will continue to work hand-in-hand with ICTSI to bring meaningful change to the community.

Fully committed in advancing the interests of port stakeholders in Papua New Guinea, ICTSI has other plans currently in the pipeline to support Motukea’s sustainable development, including a water supply project for the Baruni community.

The Company also recently signed an agreement with the Noho-Magae organization, which represents the Baruni and Tatana communities that would allow the latter to become shareholders of the MIT.

ICTSI operates the Motukea International Terminal (MIT), serving the capital of Port Moresby and South Pacific International Container Terminal (SPICT) in Lae Tidal Basin.

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