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Chinese get cheaper avocados

Avocados used to be an exotic fruit that came with a high price tag in China, but no more, thanks to rising trade with Latin America.

In 2017, China imported over 30,000 tonnes of the fruit, over 1,000 times the amount in 2011. Along with the soaring volume, the price dropped from about 50 yuan (7.56 U.S. dollars) to 10 yuan per avocado on the domestic retail market.

Vladimir Kocerha, economic and commercial counselor of Peru in Shanghai, said the avocado trade had benefited from China’s cuts in import tariffs and continous increases in imports of Latin American fruit.

China imported 8,800 tonnes, 16,700 tonnes, and 6,700 tonnes of the nutritious-rich fruit from Mexico, Chile and Peru, respectively last year.

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Source: Xinhua

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