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China-US container traffic slumps

Containerized exports to the U.S. from 10 major countries and regions in Asia plunged 16.3% from a year earlier to a total of 1,302,275 TEUs in December 2019, according to statistics unveiled by U.S. research company Descartes Datamyne. In the full calendar year, they diminished 2.6% to 16,416,921 TEUs.

Looking at the yearly total by origin, the statistics, compiled based on Automated Commercial Environment (ACE) and bill-of-lading (B/L) data provided by U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CPB), indicated that containers from China fell 8.5% to 9,614,389 TEUs, registering the first year-on-year contraction in 10 years, due to the trade friction with the U.S. In contrast, those from Vietnam surged 36.6% to 1,095,561 TEUs. Exports from Southeast Asia recorded a notable improvement, but were not brisk enough to make up for the declines in those from China.

As for container imports from the U.S. to 10 leading Asian economies, meanwhile, those to China plummeted 20.5% to 121,682 TEUs in November 2019. In total, container from the U.S. fell 5.7% to 458,948 TEUs.

Source: JIFFA