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Alliances’ blank sailings continue in the third quarter

Shipping alliances have announced third quarter void sailings due as the repercussions of the global pandemic continues to affect the trades and in spite of evidence that the US economy is slowly seeing demand recover.

THE Alliance comprised of Hapag-Lloyd, Yang Ming, Ocean Network Express (ONE) and HMM, will adjust its schedules for July, August and September in the Asia – North Europe trades and in July for the remaining trades, in order to match decreased market demand, caused by the Covid-19 pandemic.

Asia and North Europe

  • FE4 will remain merged with FE2 until the end of September 2020.
  • FE2 will continue to run combined rotation with eastbound routing via Cape of Good Hope as follows:
    Pusan – Shanghai – Ningbo – Yantian – Singapore – (Suez) – Rotterdam – Southampton – Le Havre – Hamburg – Rotterdam – (Cape of Good Hope) – Singapore – Pusan
  • FE3 will extend to cover direct calling at Central China ports from July to September as follows:
    Ningbo – Shanghai – Xiamen - Kaohsiung – Hong Kong – Yantian – (Suez) – Rotterdam – Hamburg – Antwerp – London Gateway – (Suez) – Jebel Ali – Singapore – Yantian – Hong Kong – Kaohsiung – Ningbo

Asia and the Mediterranean

  • Week 28 – MD2, MD3 void
  • Week 29 – MD1 void
  • Week 31 – MD2, MD3 void

Transpacific – West Coast

  • Week 27 – PS3, PN3 and PN4 void
  • Week 28 – PS4 void
  • Week 29 – PS3, PN3 and PN4 void
  • Week 30 – PS4 void
  • Week 31 – PS3, PN3 and PN4 void

PS5 will continue to be suspended for weeks 27 to 31

Transpacific – East Coast (via Panama and Suez canals)

  • EC3 will tentatively remain merged with EC1 in July, though this could change.

Asia and Middle East

  • AG1 will remain merged with AG3 in July under the current AG3 combined service rotation
  • AG2 will maintain westbound direct calling at Xiamen in July

Asia and India

  • Week 28 – PS3 (India sector) void
  • Week 30 – PS3 (India sector) void


  • Week 26 – AL1, AL4 void
  • Week 28 – AL1 void
  • Week 29 – AL4 void
  • Week 31 – AL1 void

In addition, the 2M Allianceof Maersk and MSC will continue the suspension of the AE2/Swan (North Europe) and AE20/Dragon (Mediterranean) services on the Asia-Europe network throughout the third quarter of 2020. This means an additional 13 cancellations for each of the two services.

While the two services remain structurally blanked in response to the Covid situation, the alliance expects some seasonality in the volume over the quarter. Therefore, the companies plan to sail a fortnightly sweeper service covering a combination of North European and Mediterranean ports to cater for the peaks in July/August and expect a total of 3-4 sailing of this sweeper.

Alternative coverage

AE2 – Alternative coverage for AE2 cancellation Westbound and Eastbound


  • Yantian: Covered by inducement on AE5
  • Rotterdam: Covered by alternative AE1 and AE5 services
  • Felixstowe: Covered by alternative AE1 service and inducement on AE7
  • Antwerp: Covered by alternative AE6 service


  • Rotterdam: Covered by AE10 service
  • Felixstowe: Covered by AE6 service
  • Antwerp: Covered by AE6 service
  • Algeciras: Covered by inducement of AE5 service

AE20 – Alternative coverage for AE20 cancellation Westbound and Eastbound


  • Beirut: Covered by feeder via Port Said
  • La Spezia: Covered by feeder via Barcelona
  • Genoa: Covered by feeder via Barcelona
  • Fos Sur Mer: Covered on AE7 service via Tangiers


  • La Spezia: Covered by feeder via Barcelona on AE11
  • Genoa: Loaded via Vado Ligure and covered by feeder via Barcelona on AE11
  • Fos Sur Mer: Covered by feeder via Barcelona on AE11
  • Valencia: Covered on alternative AE11 service Eastbound
  • Barcelona: Covered on alternative AE11 service Eastbound
  • King Abdullah: Covered by inducement of AE11 service
  • Abu Dhabi: Covered by inducement of AE11 service
  • Jebel Ali: Covered by inducement of AE11 service

Moreover, the largest container shipping alliance has announced the temporary suspension of  T4/NEUATL4 service will be extended till week 28.

The programme will continue with the followed omissions:

Week 24 omission – Blanking vessel voyage 024W - ETD Antwerp 08 June 2020

Week 25 omission – Blanking vessel voyage 025W - ETD Antwerp 15 June 2020

Week 26 omission – Blanking vessel voyage 026W - ETD Antwerp 22 June 2020

Week 27 omission – Blanking vessel voyage 027W - ETD Antwerp 29 June 2020

Week 28 omission – Blanking vessel voyage 028W - ETD Antwerp 6 July 2020

2M Alliance will, also, apply the following blank sailings on the TP11/Elephant service:

Far East Asia to North America

The first vessel to be suspended on TP11/Elephant in the third quarter is:

WeekTradeServiceVessel / VoyageFirst Load Port / ETDLast Load Port / ETD
Santa Teresa / 028W
Laem Chabang / 6 July 2020
Tanjung Pelepas / 11 July 2020

Contingency Plan:

Maersk said TP16/TP17 and MECL will cover main Asia and ISC/ME flows respectively.

In light of the above sailings being blanked, the following return voyages will also be blanked.

North America to Far East Asia

The first vessel to be suspended on TP11/Elephant in Q3 is:

WeekTradeServiceVessel / VoyageFirst Load Port / ETDLast Load Port / ETD
Santa Teresa / 032E
Newark / 09.08.2020
Freeport / 17.08.2020

At the same time, the Danish carrier has decided to extend the temporary suspension of the YoYo service until the end of September.

The Ocean Alliance has not published any blank sailings announcement yet, but there is an expectation that further void sailings will be added by the alliance which includes the COSCO Group, CMA CGM and Evergreen.

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