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Home News ZIM promotes wider use of e-B/L during COVID-19 crisis

ZIM promotes wider use of e-B/L during COVID-19 crisis

ZIM has completed an additional stage in advancing its use of electronic bills of lading (e-B/L) with the launch of a fully operational e-B/L issued from its legacy system, the IT system it is currently operating.

“The implementation of e-b/l has seen a seamless connectivity to the existing system, so it’s simpler,” ZIM’s spokesperson told Container News. “ZIM is able to automatically issue Bills of Lading from its operating system.”

The first shipment with automatically managed e-documentation from ZIM’s legacy system through the Wave platform was completed last month by Israeli exporter Gan Shmuel Group, and its freight forwarder ICL Intelligent logistics.

ZIM believes that the use of e-B/L system is an ideal solution during Covid-19 period, but it has also unveiled its future e-B/L plans. “This last step is an additional stage in making e-b/l widely available to many customers, now and of course in the future,” highlighted ZIM’s spokesperson. “ΖΙΜ keeps working with its partners on further improving the services”, he added.

The shipping company says that the Wave technology enabling the process is designed to reflect issuance of original paper documents and associated processes in an entirely digital format that matches the legal standards recognised and practiced by the international trade industry, thus reducing the inefficiencies, risks, and losses.

Nir Avni, ZIM Israel Managing Director commented, “Especially during the current Coronavirus crisis, the ability to digitally transmit original documents between parties, replacing traditionally physical activities, is of the highest importance. We have finalised the integration of Wave with ZIM’s legacy system and we’ve effectively shrunk the time for transferring documents from days to a couple of minutes.”

Antonis Karamalegkos

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