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Unifeeder increases capacity between the Baltic and England

Photo: Unifeeder

The Danish shipping company from 24 September deploys a larger container carrier on a loop that connects England’s east shore with Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Russia, and Finland.

The new vessel will be able to take on-board up to 800 TEUs. According to the company, the ship is well-placed for transporting 45-foot containers, which have the same pallet carrying space as a trailer and around 32% more than a standard FEU.

The short sea service in question links the ports of Immingham, Szczecin, Gdynia, Klaipėda, Riga, St. Petersburg, and Kotka.

“Thanks to the increased capacity, we can take the equivalent of up to 240 truck loads’ off the road and on board our vessel. As a consequence, we are providing a more environmentally friendly and cost-effective alternative to road transport for those discerning shippers, seeking a ‘greener’ form of transport for their goods, whilst retaining a competitive edge on price,” Unifeeder’s press release reads.

Source: European Transport Maps

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