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Turkish earthquake-hit Iskenderun port shuts operation  

Several Turkish ports were hit hard by a devastating earthquake that measured 7.8 magnitudes on the Richter scale, with at least one port suspended operations after docks collapsed, according to Turkish Maritime Authority and media reports.

A major port namely LimakPort Iskenderun international port which is located in the Mediterranean coastal city of Iskenderun in the southern Turkish province of Hatay was damaged severely forcing the authority to shut the port activity.

Turkish Maritime Authority said on Twitter that following the damage, inspection operations continued in ports besides Iskenderun.

“In the damage assessment made to our coastal facilities after the earthquake, it was determined that docks collapsed at Iskenderun Port,” the general directorate at Turkey’s transport ministry tweeted.

It added that the operations in other Turkish ports are continuing except in Iskenderun.

Photos available on Container News show that jetties at LimakPort Iskenderun developed crack flowing the earthquake hit while dozens of boxes fell one on another.

Many containers were damaged severely after failing from height, while goods were found to fall down on yards.

The devastating earthquake hit Turkey and Syrian border area in the south early Monday (6 February) killing over 2,000 in the two countries and the death toll is expected to increase as rescuers are digging more and more collapsed buildings.

Sharar Nayel
Asia Correspondent

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