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TOP 4 reasons why people are afraid to ship internationally

Shipping internationally is an everyday routine not only to various businesses seeking to reach new markets. Lately, thousands of ordinary people send packages from one country to another to share and connect with each other.

Whatever the case is, it’s no secret that international package shipping has its complexity and is far more difficult than shipping locally. Dealing with customs and worrying about lost or damaged parcels may scare you away from shipping globally.

To make it easier, here we’re going to cover four main reasons why it may be terrifying to ship internationally and how to overcome these fears.

1.   Damaged goods

When you ship internationally, you send a parcel on a long trip led by various challenges and disruptions. There is a long line of procedures and people who are handling a package before it gets delivered. And accidents sometimes happen. Mostly, packages get damaged or destroyed due to poor packaging or carelessness of workers dealing with your parcel.

Three main things you should do to minimize the possibility of getting your package damaged are these:

  • Use strong packaging materials and pack goods with care
  • Choose a reliable international package delivery company
  • Get package insurance just in case something unexpected happens

2.   Lost parcels

Another reason why people are not comfortable with the international shipping idea is the possibility of losing the goods on the way to their destination. Probably, losing a package is even worse than receiving a damaged one. And that’s also why package insurance can become handy.

However, if you choose a reputable shipping company, the main reason why your packages can get lost is poor labeling. Missing address or contact details can make your package disappear for good. Make sure that your package has all the necessary information on it followed by the requirements of a shipper.

3.   Customs duty

When shipping from one country to another, packages must go through customs inspection. Each country has different regulations on cross-border parcels and it can become a true headache.

For example, package shipping to Romania will differ from shipping to Russia in regard to customs duties and other regulations. So, before sending a package to another country, you have to find out these regulations. As it might be difficult to understand it on your own, having a supportive carrier by your side is always a good idea.

4.   Shipping costs

It’s no secret that international shipping can be quite expensive. And that’s one of the main reasons why people refuse to ship globally. If you’re the one terrified of shipping costs, don’t be. Cheap international shipping exists.

To find a reliable shipper with the most affordable shipping rates, you’ll need to do the research and compare shipping costs from different companies. There’s a bunch of shipping price comparison sites, but usually, it includes only the costs from big-name carriers. Comparing costs manually will provide you with much cheaper international shipping options from less popular international shipping companies.

Those are the top four reasons why it might be scary sending packages internationally. Although some of them are out of your hands, there are precautions you can take to make it less frightening. And probably one of the most effective ways to do it is picking a good international shipping company.

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