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Top 10 Best Undergraduate Cybersecurity Programs

Demand for cyber protection professionals now exceeds supply. The USNC for Statistics
shows that the number of new cybersecurity programs has increased by a third. However,
since cyber security is considered critical to most organizations, the need for specialists is
growing every day. Because of this, more and more individuals are interested in getting
higher education in computer science and security. Let's explore all the necessary
information about the top 10 best cyber security degree programs.

1. Carnegie Mellon University

This private and global research university offers one of the best cyber security undergraduate programs. It's been in the top part of the Times World Report since its founding in 1900. Today, the university is a leader in bringing innovative ideas to market and spreading academic excellence among students. This institution requires outstanding achievement and impeccable knowledge to qualify for any undergraduate program. It costs a lot of money to attend, as this university is ranked the finest in cybersecurity, but you can get financial aid from the Admissions Department for merit.

2. Georgia Institute of Technology

The public institution is now recognized as one of the largest scientific centers in the United States. The Institute of Georgia's reputation as one of the leading think tanks has been earned through the quality bachelor's programs it has developed, as well as its state-of-the-art cyber defense training environment for undergraduate students. Many students send their applications here every year, despite the high tuition fees, to reach their potential in digital forensics, network security, or software engineering.

3. Massachusetts Institute of Technology

The university's standing speaks for itself, as it has never been placed outside of the top ten schools for undergraduate and graduate students. The best applicants receive full scholarships that motivate them to spend hours of study within their information systems security major until graduation. Each student subsequently receives an average annual salary starting at $70,000 or more. No wonder tech degree-seekers find this college great in every possible way.

4. University of California - Berkeley

This place is home to the best cyber security undergraduate programs. In addition, students choose this institution for its campus location, professional atmosphere, and good computer courses and facilities offered. Many graduates get a job at the newly opened Cyber Resilience Center in the Port of Los Angeles upon completion of their cybersecurity degree. They may start this career path as students to gain additional knowledge.

5. Stanford University

Information technology is one of the greatest strengths of this permanent member of the Best Colleges ranking. This institution offers many opportunities for online education, including various computer science educational paths. If you get to be one of their students, you may enroll in the Advanced Cybersecurity Program, which has been specifically designed for an international audience.

6. University of Illinois - Urbana-Champaign

It's hard to pass up on the opportunity to serve two years in the government as a national security specialist while simultaneously pursuing a degree at one of the most prestigious universities in the United States. This is the best preparation for CISM, one of the best cybersecurity certifications in the IT industry. With this qualification, you can pursue any role in senior management in information security and other computer-related areas.

7. Cornell University

Due to the fact that this university is in the Ivy League, it is not easy to get into. Although it is mostly known for its business degrees, this institution provides assurance of one of the best cyber security undergraduate programs. In turn, students who complete the master's program are prepared to gain work experience in any country around the globe. Their services are required because of their relevant skills and knowledge.

8. University of Maryland

The data shows that this institute in Washington, D.C. occupies an important niche when it comes to learning sciences and working simultaneously. Located in the state capital, it provides many options for finding a job in the programming sphere. If you are planning to enroll, make sure you're a nice fit for such a program and visit the main campus to get a feel for the atmosphere.

9. Purdue University

There hasn't been a student yet to rate this institution poorly. It holds the lead in online programs in IT science. Thus, its Internet-based Cyber-degree is a nice option for those who like to educate themselves at home rather than listen to lectures in large groups. If you can't get a place here, you can apply to George Mason University, which, according to the latest news, is a rapidly growing institution in the IT field.

10. University of Michigan - Ann Arbor

Located near the Michigan capital, this institution attracts learners with its primacy in computer studies. There are plenty of labs available to help students get hands-on IT skills. In order to attend it, your diploma must show mostly A's in order to succeed in the highly demanding scientific environment. The only school that can compete with it is Arizona State.


No matter which alma mater you pick to get a diploma from our list, you are still bound to be a highly demanded specialist in the IT or cyber protection area. The market is in desperate need of such educated professionals, so be ready to get a lot of money for your expertise. In case you are an excellent student, your academic achievements will speak for themselves. You might even get invited by one of the best schools in the country.

About the Author

This article was written by Alex Perez, a cybersecurity specialist who also works as a writer for papersowl.com. He obtained his degree in cyber technology and worked in several government security agencies. He wanted to spread his knowledge, so he has launched an expert blog on the subjects of cybersecurity, computer science, engineering, and IT.

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