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Tanger Med Port enjoys spike in box traffic

Tanger Med Port published its 2019 activity report, in which it marks progress in every sector.

  • Container traffic up by + 38%

The spike in box volumes has boosted the ports. Following the operational start of Tanger Med 2 port, a total number of 4,801,713 TEUs were handled at the port complex during the year 2019, representing an exceptional progression of + 38% compared with the same period in 2018.

  • Vehicle traffic: The 500,000 threshold of new vehicles handled is reached

500,465 vehicles were handled on the two vehicle terminals of Tanger Med port in 2019, representing a growth of +5% compared to the previous year, according to the release. The year 2019 was marked by the start of PSA vehicle exports through Tanger Med port from the Kenitra plant.

  • Trucks traffic increases

357,214 trucks were handled in 2019 at Tanger Med port, a growth of +9% compared to 2018. Exports are mainly driven by industrial and agri-food products.

  • Growing ship traffic

According to port’s report, 14,305 ships called at Tanger Med port, up +7% compared to 2018. The implementation of an optimised ship call management system supported Tanger Med port to welcome nearly 800 mega-ships (over +299 metres in size), up by +9.9% compared to the previous year.

  • New facilities in the port logistics zone

In 2019, 10 new operators started their activities in Tanger Med port logistics zone, including international players such as DHL, NIPPON EXPRESS, and KASAI.

In addition, the activity report says that passenger traffic remained stable during the previous year with a transit of 2,775,402 passengers and 697,324 vehicles.

Moreover, liquid bulk traffic grew by +7% compared to 2018. It recorded a total traffic of 6,349,154 tonnes of hydrocarbons handled. Solid bulk traffic recorded a total of 258,340 tonnes handled, an increase of +2%, mainly due to the traffic of steel coils and wind turbine blades.

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