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EU security requirements in a no-deal scenario

ONE published an announcement about the security filing requirements in a Short Sea environment if the UK leaves the EU without a “Brexit” deal on March 29, 2019. The European Commission (EC) has confirmed that as from this date, the UK will be treated like any other non EU country …

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UK parliament rejects no-deal Brexit

MPs will vote on Thursday on delaying Brexit after they rejected the idea of leaving the EU without a deal. In a night of high drama in the Commons, MPs surprised the government and voted by 312 to 308 to reject a no-deal Brexit under any circumstances. The vote is …

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British businesses: Too late for No-Deal preparations

British businesses feared that a no-deal Brexit will disrupt trade and cause damage despite government mitigation, and warned that it was too late to prepare for a no-deal scenario. Implications The British government has published a paper, “Implications for Business and Trade of a No Deal Exit on 29 March”, …

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Brexit: Closer than ever

Brexit: A merge of the words Brexit and exit. The shortland way of saying United Kingdom leaving the European Union. The crucial day of the Brexit decision was the 23rd day of June, 2016, when a referendum was held in the whole UK to decide whether they should leave or …

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UK gov’s guidance about animal trades

UK government announcement: New guidance has been published on February 20 to ensure import and export trade in animals, animal products, fish, food and feed can continue in the event that the UK leaves the EU without a deal. This guidance will help to minimise disruption for users and allow …

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Freight industry warns of truckers’ disaster in case of No-Deal Brexit

Transport body warns security certificates would result in further chaos under no deal The freight industry has warned of the potential for a fresh Brexit ferry fiasco after it emerged all British truckers will be required to have counter-terrorism safety security certificates to enter the European Union in the event of no …

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UK to ease first-period trades with EU

Most goods arriving from the European Union will be allowed into Britain without full customs checks for at least three months if it leaves the bloc without an exit deal, the British government said on Monday, Feb. 4. With less than two months until Britain is due to leave on …

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No-Deal Brexit could affect UK seafarers

A No-Deal Brexit would also potentially inconvenience operators of UK-flagged ships, the UK Chamber says On Thursday, the UK Government published another 28 technical notices, which advise on how potential disruption from a no-deal exit from the European Union can be minimised. The latest batch includes two important shipping-related notices: …

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A “no deal” Brexit scenario concerns BPA

Following today’s publication of the UK Government’s advice on contingency planning for a ‘no deal’ Brexit outcome, the British Ports Association (BPA) has suggested that negotiators have it in their power to agree a deal that would end months of uncertainty regarding the future arrangements at UK and EU borders. Highlighting the merits of the UK Government’s proposal …

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