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Home News SAAM Towage's first electric tugs en route to Vancouver

SAAM Towage’s first electric tugs en route to Vancouver

In a significant step toward eco-friendly maritime practices, the first electric tugs for SAAM Towage's fleet are set to embark on their journey from the Port of Tuzla in Türkiye to Vancouver in Canada.

Having completed their final seaworthiness trials, these cutting-edge vessels are scheduled to board the cargo ship BBC Emerald, a delicate operation necessitating the use of two 400-ton cranes.

This milestone follows a collaborative agreement between SAAM Towage, Teck, and Neptune. Opting for electric tugs, the companies aim to substantially reduce both greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) and underwater noise, aligning with their shared values.

The ElectRA 2300SX, designed by Robert Allan, boasts an impressive 23-meter overall length and a robust 70-ton bollard pull. At full operational capacity, these units are poised to curtail CO2 emissions by an impressive 2,600 metric tons annually.

Additionally, powered exclusively by two Li-ion battery banks, these vessels represent an example shift as 100% electric, zero-emission entities. Their charging will be sourced from clean energy harnessed from the British Columbia power grid.

Navigating the challenges posed by the current situation in the Panama Canal, the electric tugs will chart their course to Canada via the historic Strait of Magellan, with the entire voyage anticipated to span approximately 60 days.

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