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Port of Baltimore receives four new electric box cranes

The Port of Baltimore has acquired four new massive NeoPanamax container cranes which will be established at the Helen Delich Bentley Seagirt Marine Terminal.

The fully electric cranes that emit no diesel emissions and can extend to reach 23 containers across on a ship and lift 85 kilos of cargo are expected to be fully operational in early 2022.

Each one measures 137 meters tall and weighs about 1,740 tons, which means 7.6 meters taller and 190 tons heavier than the Port’s first set of Neo-Panamax cranes that arrived in 2012.

The new container handling equipment, which was delivered to the port of Baltimore in Maryland from China through the Zhen Hua 24 ship, was welcomed by officials from the Maryland Department of Transportation Maryland Port Administration (MDOT MPA) and its public-private partner, Ports America Chesapeake.

Maryland Governor, Larry Hogan stated, "the port’s container business has grown impressively in recent years and is poised to grow even more with the addition of these new ultra-large cranes."

In addition, MDOT Secretary, Greg Slater pointed out the benefits driven by the use of the new equipment, saying that "These new cranes will allow the Port to serve two ultra-large container ships simultaneously, boosting our capacity and giving us the opportunity to increase revenue and grow the jobs that help fuel Maryland’s economy."

Over the next few months, Ports America Chesapeake will test and prepare the ship-to-shore cranes which are part of its US$166 million expansion project at Seagirt to provide greater capacity and efficiency and handle anticipated increases in container volumes.

"As part of our over US$166 million investment in terminal initiatives, the four new ship-to-shore cranes will create more capacity, increase productivity and improve efficiency at the Seagirt Marine Terminal," noted Vice President of Ports America Chesapeake, Bayard Hogans.

Moreover, the investment in terminal and yard upgrades includes a second, 15-metres berth to accommodate mega-ships, 15 hybrid-electric gantry cranes and a new truck gate complex.

In the meantime, Ports America Chesapeake is also making software and technology upgrades at Seagirt, and in February relocated a container repair depot off-dock to provide more fluid container delivery and pick-up.

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