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Port of Antwerp-Bruges modernises container pickup process

Port of Antwerp-Bruges terminals are preparing to utilize Certified Pick up, a container delivery method that is ID-based instead of previous PIN-based methods.

Implementing Certified Pick up is one of the Belgian port's goals in the vision of a digitally secure port. Several optimisations have been done in recent months to better match the process with the demands of consumers.

According to the port, the next phase of Certified Pickup has begun. "Customers must remember that as of 15 January, PINs will no longer be accepted for container collection in Antwerp. After that date, only the Certified Pick-up platform will be available for container pickup," noted the major European port. "We are therefore inviting everyone to use Certified Pick up as much as possible now already. That way, everyone will be ready to make a smooth transition on 15 January."

To facilitate the implementation of Certified Pick up, the Port of Antwerp-Bruges organised training courses for release parties and transport operators. Separate seminars were organised for truck operators, rail operators, and barge operators. As a result, the port has now taught 1,070 employees how to use Certified Pick up efficiently.

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