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Home News MSC reports progress in sustainability initiatives

MSC reports progress in sustainability initiatives

MSC published in its 2022 Sustainability Report that it is committed to enabling the development of resilient and sustainable supply chains, promoting the transition to net zero.

According to the company, MSC's Cargo Division takes a holistic approach to sustainability, building on the fundamentals of business ethics, protecting the planet and ensuring a safe place to work.

All this comes, while focusing on three strategic priorities, decarbonising logistics, promoting inclusive trade and addressing social challenges.

MSC has set a clear goal of complete net decarbonisation by 2050, without relying on external offsetting.

In 2022, the Swiss/Italian ocean carrier had its first LNG-powered ships, and in 2023-26 it will welcome 95 new ships with the flexibility to operate using different fuels.

Moreover, the company is also working on energy efficiency measures to progressively reduce its carbon intensity, modernising its current fleet.

MSC adds that a crucial part of its sustainability approach involves supporting remote and vulnerable economies, which often face higher shipping costs due to their dependency on imported goods, by removing trade barriers and helping communities maintain the market connections on which they depend.

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