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MOL to join research on Advanced Navigation System

MOL to Join Research on Advanced Navigation Support System Leading to Automatic Collision Avoidance Function
– Further Initiatives to Realize Future Autonomous Ships –

TOKYO – Mitsui O.S.K. Lines, Ltd. today announced a wide-ranging research partnership aimed at developing an advanced navigation support system. MOL has jointly agreed on the project with MOL Techno-Trade, Ltd. (President: Hirokazu Hatta; headquarters: Chuo-ku, Tokyo), National Institute of Maritime, Port and Aviation Technology (President: Dr. Hiroyuki Yamato, headquarters: Mitaka-shi, Tokyo), and Tokyo University of Marine Science and Technology (TUMSAT; President: Dr. Toshio Takeuchi; location: Minato-ku, Tokyo).

In the joint study, all parties will conduct basic research on advanced navigation support system, which is indispensable for safe navigation of conventional ships as well as the autonomous ships of the future, under the instruction and leadership of TUMSAT Honorary Professor Dr. Hayama Imazu.

Specifically, the joint study aims to develop a navigation support system that introduces the concept of Obstacle Zone by Target (OZT), one of the ship collision risk index, leading to the application of technologies such as Automatic Radar Plotting Aid (ARPA).
OZT is a zone where has the potential risk of collision with a nearby ship. A display, which displays the OZT on the view from the bridge so as to match the OZT’s direction to that of the view, makes it easy to determine whether the ship is at risk of a collision.

MOL group continues to promote its technological development project, “ISHIN NEXT – MOL SMART SHIP PROJECT -“, and takes a proactive stance in moving ahead to develop and introduce technologies that will contribute to reducing environmental impact and ensuring safe, reliable transport services.

Source: MOL

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