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Home News Maersk partners with German start-up to increase emission visibility for e-commerce

Maersk partners with German start-up to increase emission visibility for e-commerce

A.P. Moller - Maersk and Berlin-based start-up Cozero have announced the start of their collaboration to create analytics tools to increase Green House Gas (GHG) emissions visibility for international package deliveries in Europe.

Maersk has delivered millions of international goods for European online retailers since joining the European E-Commerce logistics business in 2021 with the acquisition of B2C Europe. International shipments often have a bigger GHG footprint than domestic ones due to greater supply chain complexity.

“With Cozero’s technology, we can provide our customers with detailed information on their emissions on every step and component of their international parcels' journey. This will help them to make smart choices and significantly reduce their GHG footprint,” stated Christian Grosse, chief product officer of Europe's Maersk E-Delivery.

Maersk's goal is to achieve a net zero business by 2040, with bold near-term targets for 2030 in all of its business areas, from ocean and air to landside logistics.

Selected Maersk E-Delivery clients in Europe will be able to register for the new technology to monitor and analyse the emissions of their overseas deliveries beginning in February 2023.

To that end, precise information on each package, including weight, route, and vehicle used for the transportation will be handled in accordance with the Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Protocol's globally accepted criteria.

Maersk has already tested Cozero's technology with initial clients. The trial programme will now be expanded to include more e-commerce clients.

The Danish company has been developing the Emissions Dashboard since 2021 to provide a one-stop shop for consolidating emissions data across all carriers and types of transport.

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