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Maersk Line, FAK rates

Maersk Line is announcing an increase in FAK rates (Freight All Kinds).  Below are the FAK rates for a sample list of corridors, commodities and container types where the rate increase is effective. As always, please visit my.maerskline.com for a quote, or your rate sheets or contracts will provide you with full details of rate increases.

OriginsDestinationsCommodityRate levels (USD)Effective start dateEffective end date
ShanghaiApapaFAK23754050405016-07-2018Until further notice, but
not beyond 31-07-18
ShanghaiLuandaFAK23254150415016-07-2018Until further notice, but not beyond
QingdaoApapaFAK25004300430016-07-2018Until further notice, but not beyond 31-07-18
QingdaoLuandaFAK24504300430016-07-2018Until further notice, but not beyond
Hong KongApapaFAK24004000400016-07-2018Until further notice, but
not beyond 31-07-18
Hong KongLuandaFAK23003950395016-07-2018Until further notice, but not beyond 31-07-18
  •  The above rates are inclusive of Basic Freight Rate (BAS), Bunker Adjustment Factor (SBF), Emergency Risk Surcharge (ERS)
  •  The above rates are subject to Terminal Handling Charges (THC) and Peak Season Surcharge (PSS).  Detailed levels of THC and PSS can be found here.
  • The above rates are also subject to other applicable surcharges.
  • Other corridors, commodities and container types (including reefers) that are not listed above may also be subject to increases.
  • These rates are unaffected by, and do not affect, any tariff notified, published or filed in accordance with local regulatory requirements.
  • For trades subject to the US Shipping Act or the China Maritime Regulations, quotations or surcharges that vary from the Maersk Line tariff shall not be binding on Maersk Line unless included in a service contract or service contract amendment that has been filed with the Federal Maritime Commission (FMC) or the Shanghai Shipping Exchange, as applicable.

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