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Incheon port goes “green”

○ A joint program with an international organization is implemented to form Incheon port into an environment-friendly port.

○ On 21st, Incheon Port Authority (President Bonghyeon Nam) has stated that a business agreement for ‘Promotion of formation of Environment-friendly Incheon port & cultivation of next-generation environment leaders’ was signed with National Committee for the Republic of Korea of United Nations Environment Programme under UN (Representative Jaebeom Kim) on the eco-friendly port guide ship ‘Econuri’.

○ United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) is an organization that performs a role of monitoring global environments and helping each country to take appropriate actions for a change of international society and derive actions for environment and derives international agreements on sustainable environment policies, and has enacted Kyoto Protocol  through international meetings.

○ According to this agreement, both agencies are expected to realize a new paradigm for formation of an eco-friendly port and green port and became a practical starting point for formation of a sustainable port by agreeing on joint ▲ implementation of environment protection activities ▲ utilization of retained resources, etc. ▲ mutual sharing of various environment-related information , ▲implementation of joint programs in environment area, etc.

○ In particular, owing to implementation of the eco-friendly policies utilizing international communication channels retained by National Committee for the Republic of Korea of United Nations Environment Programme, Incheon port is also expected to become a help for attracting freight volumes by being an addition to rise of the port brand value along with establishment of an image for eco-friendly port.

Source: Incheon Port

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