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Home Out of the Box Hiab secures US$5.4 million order for offshore wind turbine loader cranes

Hiab secures US$5.4 million order for offshore wind turbine loader cranes

Hiab, a division of Cargotec, has secured a significant US$5.4 million order for loader cranes which will be used in offshore wind turbines. The machines are scheduled to be delivered during the current year.

The specific crane model ordered is the HIAB SWP, meticulously tailored for servicing operations in offshore wind turbine installations. Installed in the nacelle, which houses the turbine's generating components, these cranes are versatile and capable of handling various lifting tasks.

From lifting equipment from sea-level platforms to facilitating deliveries to the turbine's helicopter pad, these cranes demonstrate exceptional performance, even in challenging conditions.

"This order greatly acknowledges Hiab as a trusted global partner in the offshore wind sector. We are well-prepared and excited to support the customer in the years ahead," stated Artur Jaslowski, global product manager, Loader Cranes Light & Medium, Hiab.

According to a statement, the offshore wind power sector is expanding rapidly due to increasing demand for renewable energy. In 2022, global offshore wind capacity increased by 8.8 GW, reaching a total of 64.3 GW, as reported by the Global Wind Energy Council (GWEC). GWEC anticipates an average annual addition of 26 GW worldwide until 2027.

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