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Gothenburg develops new transhipment terminal

A completely new transhipment terminal, located between the Port of Gothenburg's container and ro-ro terminals, is emerging, according to an announcement by the major Swedish port.

The facility, named the Svea Terminal, will receive incoming forest products by rail from Swedish mills and then transfer the products to containers for onward transport to various parts of the world. Volumes equivalent to 60,000-100,000TEU will be handled at the terminal each year.

Svea Terminal will offer 45,000m2 of storage space. Around half the area, 21,600m2, is covered by the world’s largest storage tent, which was recently erected.

On the inside, the goods can be loaded into weather-protected containers and the area will be used partly for intermediate storage, according to the Port of Gothenburg. The tent measures 360m by 60m and is up to 15m in height, while the steel beams that support the tent weigh 450tonnes.

"It’s not exactly a camping tent, but rather a fully equipped storage facility that meets all our demands and specifications, and at the same time offers a cost-effective operating solution," said Arvid Guthed, vice president port development, Gothenburg Port Authority.

The terminal has rail connections and can handle a 350m train. "By doing so, sensitive products such as pulp and paper rolls can be transported directly into the facility by rail, where under cover they are transferred into a container before being loaded on board the ship," said the port.

At present around 60% of the Port of Gothenburg container volumes arrive at or leave the port by rail. “This is the result of the long-term investment in the Railport concept, which connects the whole of Sweden to the Port of Gothenburg by rail,” stated Claes Sundmark, vice president, sales & Marketing, Gothenburg Port Authority.

Investments include the current expansion of the double-track Port Line and construction of the Arken Combi Terminal, which has already led to a substantial reduction in road traffic in Gothenburg. A further investment is APM Terminals’ modernisation and capacity expansion on its marshalling line, where trains are loaded and unloaded inside the container terminal.

The Port of Gothenburg has also adopted one of the world’s most forward-thinking climate goals where they have undertaken to reduce the whole of the port’s carbon emissions by 70% through to 2030. One of the ways of achieving this goal is to continue investing offensively in the Railport concept in an effort to increase the proportion of rail-borne freight even further.

"The Svea Terminal is ideally suited to realising this ambition," added Sundmark. "The Terminal will increase rail capacity even further and we will be able to double forest product volumes arriving at the port by rail. It also means that we can reduce the port’s climate footprint and provide further conditions that will allow our customers to make climate-smart choices."

Gothenburg Port Authority has selected crossdocking expert MIMAB to operate the new terminal. “With our experience and the good preconditions at the terminal to facilitate effective crossdocking and transhipment of overseas freight, the terminal will be a major asset for the port and the Swedish forest industry,” commented Mikael Bergman, MIMAB chief executive.

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