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Girteka launches multimodal service in Europe

Through a partnership with shipping firms Finnlines and Transfennica, Lithuanian transportation company Girteka has announced a service spanning nearly 1,000 km across the Baltic Sea, connecting Hanko in Finland with Rostock and Lubeck in Germany.

With a vast fleet exceeding 7,000 trailers, Girteka said it offers customers flexibility and efficiency with seamless trailer exchanges at ports, optimising cargo turnover and minimising idle times.

This new multimodal transportation service operates seven days a week, ensuring consistent delivery times comparable to road-only options while significantly reducing CO2 emissions.

"By strategically transferring a portion of road freight in the direction from Finland to
Germany through sea routes, we not only alleviate the pressure on heavily
congested highways but also contribute significantly to lowering CO2 emissions. So
far with this new service, we managed to save more than 330 thousand kg of CO2
emissions, covering 350 thousand kilometres," explained Adele Lasionytė, head
of the Business Unit at Girteka.

Furthermore, the service strives to enhance the comfort and job satisfaction of Girteka's drivers. By enabling shorter, localized routes, Girteka diminishes its environmental footprint and improves the working conditions for its esteemed drivers.

With shorter distances to travel, drivers gain increased flexibility and opportunities to maintain a healthy work-life balance, aligning with the company's commitment to prioritising employee well-being.

Girteka has introduced innovative multimodal transportation services connecting Finland to Germany. Leveraging its fleet capacity, the company now provides sustainable solutions by integrating road transportation with ferry services. This strategic approach addresses challenges such as driver shortage and decarbonization effectively.

In addition, the integration of multimodal solutions represents a proactive step in developing logistics services that enhance drivers' working conditions and mitigate emissions from road freight transport. In response to the pressing need for decarbonization and staying competitive in the logistics sector, multimodal and intermodal transportation solutions are gaining traction as viable alternatives to conventional road freight.

"Looking into the future, we see considerable potential in expanding our multimodal
and intermodal services. As the interconnectedness of global supply chains
increases, we are actively investigating additional routes to connect Northern Europe
with other continental regions. This strategy aligns with our customers' objectives,
which extend beyond decarbonization to encompass overall efficiency and
stakeholder benefits, - whether it is clients, partners, or our team, particularly, our
drivers. This multi-faceted approach to logistics exemplifies our commitment to
responsible business practices," summarizes Adele Lasionytė.

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