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Crude oil carrier’s crew members die during ship operations in Chittagong

Two crew members of a crude oil carrier died on 17 and 18 June after falling unconscious while checking an empty tanker after unloading oil at Chittagong port.

Both of them are of Indian nationality and had been working at MT Nord Magic, a Denmark flag carrier, according to Omar Faruk, a Chittagong port spokesperson.

The vessel arrived at the Chittagong port on 15 June, carrying 4,420 tonnes of crude soybean oil.

Port officials said that after both crew members, Jishnu Raj and Akhil Shekhor, fell unconscious inside the empty tank, the shipmaster sent a message seeking help. Later, a group of coast guard officials rescued them and sent them to a private hospital in Chittagong.

On arrival at the hospital, the doctors declared that Jishnu Raj had already died on Friday night, while Akhil Shekhor died on Saturday morning.

There were 25 crew members onboard the ship of which 21 were from India, one from Denmark, one from Lithuania, and two from the Philippines.

Patenga police station officer in charge, Kabir Hossain said the two crews may have died failing to inhale due to gas formed in the empty tank.

Sharar Nayel
Asia Correspondent

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