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    New points on the map: the Turkish company MYContainers is developing cooperation with international shipping lines.

    Today the sea transportation is an effective choice for the transportation of various goods and goods over long distances around the world. Liner shipping accounts for approximately 75% of the world’s total shipping.

    MYContainers is a technology company embedded in a global partner network of logistics assets and manages assets around the world with 6 years of container fleet management experience. In 2021 the MYContainers team transported 60,000 TEU. We operate a container yard around the world and has extensive experience with various shipping lines, as well as a network of partners in ports and transport hubs.

    We have activities in the sell, purchase and rental of 40ft and 20ft containers. Our company has managed container yard more than 80 countries and working with all types of containers – OT, FR, Tank, RF, any amount of TEU.

    The company is represented on every continent, in more than 80 countries. Our specialists interact with linear services in Russia, China, Japan, Turkey, India, South Korea and other countries of South America, North America, Southeast Asia, and Africa. Only in China MYContainers company has more than 15 container terminals in different city.

    When market is dynamically changing, MYContainers adapts to modern realities and constantly develops new logistics solutions. You do not have to interact and establish contacts with many agents and forwarders, we completely take over the control of transportation.

    The main advantage of MYContainers is about control the route of containers at all stages of their journey considering rules and laws of each country by operational department.

    Also, our specialists can provide consultations on customs issues in the field of temporary importation of containers.

    MYContainers company launched MyBot in Telegram where you can get rates for release containers in three clicks: @mycontainers_bot

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