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Box volumes from Japan to China plunge

Containerized shipments exported from Japan to China plunged 14.2% to 745,371 tons in September, suffering a year-on-year contraction for the seventh consecutive month and hitting a record low for the month in question, according to the Japan Maritime Center (JMC). In terms of value, they plummeted 11.4% to $597.6 billion, which also marked a year-on-year decline for seven months in a row.

Referring to trade statistics provided by the Ministry of Finance (MOF), the JMC indicated that containers from China to Japan, in contrast, improved 5.4% to 1,763,448 tons in September, achieving the first year-on-year growth in two months. On a value scale, however, they fell 0.9% to $1.101 trillion, incurring a year-on-year contraction for two back-to-back months.


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