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Antwerp P.A. goes for sustainable energy policy

The transition to a circular, low-carbon economy is one of the strategic priorities of Antwerp Port Authority. Sustainable energy is an important aspect of this, and today the Port Authority was awarded ISO 50001 certification for the second time in a row. This internationally recognized standard for sustainable energy management comes in recognition of the Port Authority's ongoing efforts in this area. A plan has now been drawn up for the next three years to concentrate on energy efficiency and to inspire other companies within the port platform to do the same.

The Port Authority was the first ever company of its kind to obtain ISO 50001 certification, in 2015. Now for the three-year cycle from 2015 to 2017 inclusive the Port Authority has once more obtained an ISO 50001 certificate, which was officially presented today by the certification body DNV GL to Greet Bernaers, the Port Authority's Infrastructure Manager.

Sustainable energy policy

The Port Authority has now drawn up an energy policy statement for the next three-year period (2018 - 2020). The ambition is to further improve the energy efficiency of the authority's own buildings and installations so as to reduce the in-house CO2 emissions by 10% (compared with the 2016 level). In addition the CO2 emissions of the authority's own fleet of boats will be reduced by around 5% per tugging operation between now and the end of 2020. Within the Port Authority an energy team has been set up to be responsible for implementing the energy management.

"This will be achieved with the help of various measures," explains Eddy Van Hove, the Port Authority's Technical Manager. "In practical terms this will mean introducing more energy-efficient tugs and electric-powered vehicles and transport equipment, while making further use of renewable energy in buildings and in the lock complexes, drawn from solar panels and heat pumps. We will also organize ourselves more efficiently by clustering our buildings and activities, and we will further improve our behavior with eco-driving and eco-sailing. All energy consumption will be systematically monitored. All these measures are essential to enable us to systematically plan, implement and assess our energy-saving measures. The focus in all this will be on large consumers such as buildings and vehicles."

Günther Willems, Operations Manager Belgium DNV GL, declared: "Antwerp Port Authority has a system that gives a good view of the current performance, making it possible to take the necessary measures to reduce CO2 emissions and achieve energy savings. The internal and external communication, along with the resources being allocated, demonstrate that the management is seriously committed to achieving the clearly formulated objectives and so to remain a leader in this sector."

Setting an example

"As a Port Authority we are conscious of our responsibility towards society, and we aim to set an example within the port platform," says Infrastructure Manager Greet Bernaers. "With a clearly formulated energy management plan that enjoys general support we want to inspire other companies to pursue energy efficiency in the same way. The fact that we have achieved ISO 50001 compliance for two cycles in a row shows that we have been able to make energy efficiency an integral part of our business."

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