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“YawSTOP”: The innovative device to cut loading time

Norwegian company Kolberg Caspary Lautom AS has launched a gyro-based stabilisation device called “YawSTOP” to enable rotation-free and rotation-controlled lifting and loading of cargo and goods by cranes to make shipping and more efficient, reliable and safe. While dynamic positioning systems automatically maintains a vessel’s position despite wind and currents, and heave compensated cranes adjust for wave and roll, rotation control of suspended cargo is frequently handled by vessel or harbour crew with taglines attached to the corners of the load. This is a highly inefficient method to load and unload goods and equipment, and also represents a significant HSE-risk.

Kolberg Caspary Lautom has spent the past three years to develop the technology called “YawSTOP”. A yaw rotation is a unit’s rotation around the vertical axis.

Saves time and money
By attaching a YawSTOP unit to the crane hook, the crane operator or another operator can singlehandedly manage rotation of suspended cargo, without the use of taglines and extra crew on deck or quayside. This reduces both time usage, costs and HSE risk.

Mr Thor Jegard, chairman and main owner of Kolberg Caspary Lautom, said that “We have conducted analyses which show that YawSTOP reduces time usage for lifting operations by up to 45 percent and costs for each lifting operation by up to 50 percent. As the solution enables you to control unwanted rotation of the cargo, you can complete more lifts in a shorter space of time as well as increase your operating window by working during weather conditions that previously were defined as too challenging. This increases both productivity and predictability.”

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