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Nuclear container ship used for frozen fishing

The “Sevmorput” might start shuttling frozen fish along the Northern Sea Route.

Russia’s state nuclear power company Rosatom eyes new assignments for its nuclear-powered container ship “Sevmorput”.

In a meeting with the State Fisheries Agency (Rosrybolovstvo) and representatives of fish processing companies late October, Rosatom made clear that the “Sevmorput” can be applied for shipments of frozen fish from the Russian Pacific coast to ports in Northwest Russia.

“Nuclear container ship “Sevmorput” can carry more than 1,300 containers and is able to independently break through 1,5 meter thick ice [and] if you colleagues support us, then there can be organized several shipments on a settled schedule in the course of 2019,” leader of company division Rosatomflot Vyacheslav Ruksha said.

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Source: The Independent Barents Observer


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