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Kenyan importers to be familiar with TBL

Kenyan importers have been advised to utilise the Through Bill of Landing (TBL) to avert cargo demurrage costs while using the Standard Gauge Rail (SGR).

The Kenya Ship Agents Association (KSAA) Chief Executives Juma Tellah said compared to the Merchant Haulage Product (MHP), the TBL is a better option in the rail transport.

In the TBL import mode, the shipping line takes responsibility to transport cargo to the final destination, while in the MHP mode, responsibility of the shipping line ends upon discharge of the container at the Port.

“Using the TBL, the importer pays the shipping line sea freight and rail fees up to the designated depot. Liability in terms of container/cargo damage or delays between the point of receipt and the point of destination is taken up by the shipping line,” said Mr Tellah. For instance, if a cargo is coming from China, what the importer pays covers its handling to the Port of Mombasa and further delivery to a hinterland location.

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