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HMM launches 11,000-TEUer

Subic-based Korean shipbuilder, Hanjin Heavy Industries & Construction – Philippines (HHIC-Phil Inc.) successfully delivered two 11,000 TEU containerships on June 26 and June 30, respectively, this year amid the positive sign of recovery in the global shipbuilding industry from years of slump.

Named M/V “HMM Blessing” and M/V “HMM Promise”, the colossal vessels, which were originally ordered from HHIC-Phil Inc. by a ship owner based in Europe, have been turned over to Hyundai Merchant Marine (HMM), Korea’s biggest shipping firm in terms of container capacity.

Built using the latest technological advancement in shipbuilding, both vessels have been equipped with the cutting-edge SOX scrubber system to significantly reduce sulfur emission, in strict compliance with global environment protection standards prescribed by the International Maritime Organization (IMO).

Both ships powered by MAN-B&W 8G95ME-C9.5 measure 317.33 meters in length, 48.20 meters in width and 22.94 meters in depth.
In addition, these newly-built ships were expertly retrofitted with external lashing bridges in order to increase their standard capacity and safely accommodate more 40-foot containers on board using the “mickey mouse system” that further developed by HHIC-Phil Inc. This innovative method allows the maximum utilization of the vessels to their full potential for a sustainable and long-term profitability.


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