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Cargo ships at Port of Lisbon

There are 20 cargo ships scheduled for the period from 7 to 13 July. By classification, will arrive at the Port of Lisbon, 11 container ships, 3 general cargo single deck, 3 bulk carriers, 2 mixed – general cargo / containers and 1 general cargo multi deck.

We highlight this week the ship “FWN BONAFIDE”, ship classified as general cargo multi deck, operated by Navex – Empresa Portuguesa de Navegação, S.A.. Coming from the Spanish port of Palma de Mallorca, the ship has 7,767 t. of GT, 145.63 meters long, 7.2 meters draft, 13 crew on board and Dutch flag.

This ship comes to Lisbon to perform an unloading operation at the Poço do Bispo Multipurpose Terminal, unloading 9 TP52 class sailboats, 9 support vessels and several containers with support material. These sailboats will be part of the world-wide Rolex TP52 World Championship, which will take place in Cascais from 15 to 21 July, organized by Clube Naval de Cascais.

It should be noted that all the logistic operation of unloading of these sailboats and all the support material will be directly to the river bed, and will be in charge of Navex, being used for this purpose the cranes that the Poço do Bispo Multipurpose Terminal offers. It will be a unusual operation and it will require certain safety rules and it will count with the efficiency of Navex and ETE for operation’s success.

Source: Porto de Lisboa

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