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Yantian Express Update: Arrival at refuge port

Yantian Express

The M/V Yantian Express arrived at its refuge port at Freeport, Bahamas and has been tied up alongside as of Saturday, February 2. Surveyors and fire experts have since boarded the vessel to assess the ship’s condition. While it is premature at this time to speculate on causation or provide details on the extent of damage, early reports reveal significant damage to the vessel and equipment at the affected bay. Inspections remain ongoing and plans to discharge containers initially from the unaffected bays are being prepared. However, no specific details or timetable regarding onward carriage have been concluded.

“Meanwhile, Yang Ming reminds its customers to prepare for the release of their shipments in light of the shipowner’s general average declaration. Shippers whose cargo is insured should immediately contact their underwriter about the general average declaration, if they have not already done so. Shippers whose cargo is not insured should contact immediately with the general average adjuster for following the instruction or querying any question about GA,” Yang Ming says in its press release.


Source: Yang Ming

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