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Saudi Arabia delays forwarder license deadline

The Saudi Ports Authority (MAWANI) has extended the deadline for obtaining a Freight Forwarders License in Saudi Arabia until January 20, 2020.

MAWANI issued a circular in March 2019 that shipping lines are required to obtain a copy of Freight Forwarder’s License issued by the Public Transport Authority (PTA) for shipment involved freight forwarders – as consignee or notify party on bill of lading (B/L).

Under Art 26 of MAWANI Regulation for Shipping Agent, freight forwarders can be mentioned as consignee and/or notify, only if they have valid license issued and registered by Public Transport Authority of Saudi Arabia. Otherwise it is strictly forbidden. The violation of this rule is punishable with a fine of SAR50,000 per shipment and further recurrence may result in fines and other penalties.

Source: JIFFA


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