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A record year for fruit and vegetable trade

With new import and export records, Dutch commercial enterprises showed they were also global players in fresh fruit and vegetables in 2018. The import value increased by five per cent to €7.6 billion. The export value increased by four per cent to €11.3 billion, the UK had a share of €1.2 billion in this. It’s therefore not surprising that Brexit exercises many minds.


UK second export market
All of Europe struggled with high temperatures and dry weather during the summer months. This affected the yields of a number of products. For example, more than 40 per cent fewer onions were harvested in volume. Seventy per cent of the onions is sold outside of the EU, and Senegal, Ivory Coast and Guinea are frontrunners. The warm summer was good for cucumber growers, resulting in higher prices. Turnover to Germany increased by six percent, and the export to the UK increased to €1.2 billion. The UK is the second sales market for the Netherlands, with a share of ten per cent. The strongest growth was realised in May and July. The top five of tomato, onion, bell pepper, cucumber and pear is good for nearly 70 per cent. The fruit and vegetable sector does everything possible for export to continue as smoothly as possible after Brexit on 31 March. France (+10%) and Spain (+12%) also imported more from the Netherlands. Both countries bought more onions and avocados


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