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Record trade numbers in Georgia, USA

Despite an ongoing trade war that has caused considerable readjustments in supply chains and led some to fret about the effects of tariffs on global growth, Georgia’s trade numbers returned to record levels after moderate growth last year. 

Exports from the state in 2018 soared nearly 9 percent to a record $40.5 billion, marking the first time international sales figures have ever crossed that threshold. 

Total trade — the sum of the state’s imports and exports — also grew to $139.3 billion, an increase of 8 percent over the previous year, the state announced Wednesday

In a twist that might disappoint U.S. President Donald Trump, the state’s trade deficit grew as imports, which increased 8 percent to $98.7 billion, accounted for much of the growth in total trade, mirroring the national trend. 

But at the State Capitol, Gov. Brian Kemp was celebrating the export numbers, noting that the increase in global sales was padding the pockets of small business owners, those whom he pledged to help during his campaign. 

“While the numbers we are announcing today are impressive, the lives of real Georgians are being impacted by this success story,” Mr. Kemp said. 

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Source: Global Atlanta