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Panama seized cocaine shipment

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Panama seized a shipment of cocaine valued at $90 million. It was inside of a container that was in a ship that was coming from Cuba, authorities said.

Panamanian authorities intercepted the cargo Saturday, May 18, at the Puerto de Cristóbal. There were 1,517 wide bricks of cocaine hidden inside of 46 large black duffle bags with wheels.

After Panamanian authorities found cocaine in the ship, Cuban authorities joined the investigation and released a statement on Wednesday, May 22, saying the container was likely tampered with at the Panamian port and not at the Cuban port.

“Cuba applies a zero tolerance policy to drugs, repudiates and strictly confronts any manifestation linked to the trafficking or consumption of these substances,” the Cuban government’s statement said.

Panamanian authorities released a statement saying they suspect the cocaine traffickers transported the 1,517 blocks of cocaine valued at $90 million into the ship’s container at either the Cristobal or the Manzanillo ports in Panama.

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Source: WPLG Local 10


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