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OOCL announces new direct services from Asia

OOCL announces two new services, namely the Transpacific Latin Atlantic 2 (TLA2) and Transpacific Latin Caribbean 1 (TLC1), beginning in June 2019.

“Our new products will provide customers with competitive and reliable services from Asia to South America East Coast and the Caribbean with direct calls to strategic ports such as Santos, Navegantes (Brazil), Manzanillo (Mexico), Cartagena (Colombia), Kingston (Jamaica) and Caucedo (Dominican Republic),” OOCL says in its announcement.


•  Transpacific Latin Atlantic 2 (TLA2): Qingdao – Shanghai – Ningbo – Shekou – Singapore – Sepetiba – Santos – Paranagua – Itapoa – Navegantes – Itajai – Santos – Singapore – Hong Kong – Qingdao

•  Transpacific Latin Caribbean 1 (TLC1): Singapore – Shekou – Hong Kong – Kaohsiung – Ningbo – Shanghai – Qingdao – Pusan – Manzanillo, MX – Balboa – Manzanillo, PA – Cartagena – Kingston – Caucedo – Singapore


•   TLA2: effective with the COSCO NEW YORK departing from Qingdao on June 27
•   TLC1: effective with the COSCO BEIJING departing from Singapore on May 30

The TLC1 will first begin its services between Asia and Mexico, Panama and Colombia from June, while services to Jamaica and Dominican Republic will commence within the following two months.

Source: OOCL


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