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NSW Ports: A major sponsor of container event

On February 6, the ‘Box that changed the world- the Container Exhibition’ officially opened in Wagga Wagga as part of a tour of regional NSW.

NSW Ports was a major sponsor of this exhibition which has seen over 200,000 visitors to date at Darling Harbour and Wollongong. Housed entirely within six 20-foot shipping containers, the exhibit invites visitors to explore the technical, economic, environmental, social and cultural impacts of containerisation.

Speaking at the opening, which was attended by representatives of the shipping and transport industry and special guests from the Riverina business community, Chief Executive Officer, NSW Ports Marika Calfas said “‘Container’ is a valuable educational resource. By supporting and contributing to its creation NSW Ports is helping the community understand the crucial role ports play in our lives and in the economy.”

NSW Ports worked with the National Australian Maritime Museum to create a ‘travelling exhibition’ that has already visited Darling Harbour and Wollongong.

Opening of Wagga Marika and VIPs2

Pictured: Kevin Sumption, Director and CEO National Australian Maritime Museum, Marika Calfas CEO of NSW Ports and Mayor of Wagga Wagga Cr Greg Conkey.

“Containers connect us with global markets and support our lifestyles. They connect Wagga Wagga and the Riverina region with overseas export markets and bring overseas products destined for the region into the country. The beauty of an exhibition in containers is that it can travel throughout NSW to reach as many people as possible.” Ms Calfas said.

“Port Botany and Port Kembla are the engine room that support the NSW economy and our standard of living in cities and regions. They connect us with global and domestic markets. Our ports contribute $4.4Bn a year to the State’s economy and employ 29,000 people.”

“The Riverina region benefits from rail and road access to Port Botany: the premium NSW container port with key competitive advantages*. NSW Ports continues to invest so that Port Botany is the port of choice for regional businesses in NSW. We want exporters in regional NSW to take advantage of our surplus of empty containers. We would like to have more of them exported full”.

“We continue to invest in productivities and efficiencies at Port Botany and Port Kembla. Together with our tenants we have invested $1.6 Bn over the past 5 years and have $450m of committed expenditure in place. We see efficient connections to and from Port Botany as vital to keeping supply chain costs low, to reduce cost of goods to families and businesses and keep our exports competitive.”

“Exporters and importers in the Riverina and other regional centres in NSW are valued port users, relying on connections to Port Botany to help them get their products to market. This is why NSW Ports is investing up to $120 million to double port side rail capacity from 750,000 to 1.5 million TEUs at Port Botany.

“Faster servicing of trains at Port Botany will translate to time savings for rail operators and should lead to cost savings for farmers and other regional exporters”.


Source: NSW Ports

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