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Maersk partners with Puma for first semi-automated omnichannel fulfilment distribution centre in Chile

Maersk partners with Puma to operate the first semi-automated omnichannel fulfilment distribution centre in Santiago de Chile. The warehouse and distribution solution will provide Puma with end-to-end visibility from its factories in Asia Pacific region to its distribution centre in Chile, including middle mile.

The site will be in strategic economic centres in Santiago de Chile with quick access to the main highways and retailers in the region, to help Puma customers serve their markets better.

"We would like to thank Puma for trusting us on supplying the first semi-automated omnichannel fulfilment solution in Latin America. This partnership is an important step towards our commitment to our integrator global logistics strategy, offering Puma unparalleled flexibility in inventory management across diverse regions. The solution is crafted to adeptly handle shifts in demand, facilitating the acceleration, deceleration, or redirection of inventory, as necessary. This initiative aims to forge a resilient and adaptable supply chain for Puma, reflecting our dedication to delivering innovative market-responsive logistics solutions on a global scale," commented Dean Rodin, managing director for the West Coast of South America at Maersk.

Anibal Castro, managing director Chile & Peru at Puma, said, "We must be the most agile and flexible to reach first. This is where we will have the full support of a strategic partner like Maersk. Having Maersk as a strategic partner allows us to control our entire supply chain process, from factories to our stores. Furthermore, encountering a company with values similar to ours, where people always come first and where we feel passion for what we do every day, is where we have much in common as enterprises."

Maersk’s integrated logistics capabilities will provide Puma with the capacity to oversee inventories both at origin, in transit, and now including destination, as well as other value-added services. The solution includes the implementation of the Maersk Warehouse Management System (WMS) – a user-friendly, cloud-based tool designed for seamless inventory life cycle management. This integrated system will offer real-time reports for complete control over order processing, reporting, and stocking. The system supports customer-driven customizations, and tracks activities across one or multiple facilities, from dock arrival to customer delivery.

By leveraging real-time data and advanced automation, the solution will optimize inventory management, order processing, and shipping logistics to provide Puma with a unified and exceptional experience, enabling Maersk to expedite, decelerate, or redirect inventories as required.

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