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Maersk Line: New Interface for Online Quote/Rate lookup on

Maersk Line informing of a new interface for Online sales/Quote on website. It is more user-friendly and single-entry point for quicker access to tariff inquiry, new quotes, lookup contract rates, select oversize cargo quote etc.

This advisory would give you more details on how you can check the details:

1) New Menu bar

  • Find a price – to get quote or perform rate lookup
  • Tariff Inquiry – to lookup our tariff rates, rules and essential terms


2) New Landing page

  • Landing page which will help you construct your shipment
  • Same page redirects to quote, rate lookup, inland lookup to select Export/Import haulage


3) Shipment/Haulage

Use this page to select the stages of your shipment. You will have the option to either request a Standard or Oversized cargo quote or submit a Rate or Inland lookup dependent on the stages you select.

  • You can request Standard Quote
  • Look up rate
  • Option to select oversize cargo quote by selecting the checkbox


4) Tariff Inquiry

  • Tariff rate lookup to view tariff rates along with related text rules and surcharges
  • Tariff text rule by providing point-to-point data or by tariff number
  • Service contract essential terms as per U.S. Shipping Act regulations


5) Quote date(Standard) set by default to effective date+ 2days from current date thus providing a 48 hours window


Source: Maersk Line

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